CVID Projects

The Poetic Debater Project
PDP takes the best elements of team debating and the competitive edge of Slam poetry competitions to deliver a lively audience interactive performance which is thought- provoking as well as entertaining and educational. This type of ‘issue-based gaming’ throws open multiple possibilities for innovative persuasive writing with room for creative flare in writing and performance.

The structural spine of the project involves rigorous discussions and research strategies, dynamic creative writing workshops and a fun yet disciplined regime of performance masterclasses to build confidence and strategic stamina for debating events.

PDP Website


The Fury Project
Multi-disciplinary Creativity and storytelling to explore an emotion always dismissed as destructive and negative, but Anger is just an energy and depending on how you feel about it and perceive it it can and has mobilized some of the greatest revolution and paradigm shift in time time.

The Fury Project Website


Re-imagining Arts in Action
A docu-poem project by Zena Edwards, exploring Arts and regeneration in South Side Chicago to the inner cities of the UK through the vision of visual artist and space maker Theaster Gates, using poetry, creative writing and  photography.

Re-imagining Arts in Action Tumblr


Voices that Shake

Shake! is a project that brings together young people, artists & campaigners to develop creative responses to social injustice.

SHAKE! participants engage in dynamic workshops and skill-shares (creative writing & performance, film making, music production, zines, art and activism) & follow-up mentoring to pursue creative campaigning & events production.

Voices That Shake Website


Zena E’s Writery for Free Writers
A personal project The Writery is a space for random prompts and provocations for writers. Quotes and images are selected to be quirky and thoughtful and come at creatives sideways, to inspire free flow writing as well as to encourage focused creativity.
And who knows, you might just land on something you need to hear/read today.

The Writery Collection


Human Code Computer Tongue
An exploration into the creative capacities of Artificial Intelligence to create, using literature and the craft of poetry to ask  big questions for the future: and what does it means to imagine and create and what role will tech play in the future of art ?

HCCT Tumblr


Conversations: The Music, The Visual The Word

A think tank and performance with poets, musicians, and visual artists come to gather to create a life and stimulating organic performance on a theme. The artists on stage and the audience create a sense of community. Using clever poetic and musical gaming the audience becomes integrated into the performance itself.

See Conversations  Lab Session and Documentray Video Here

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