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Past Conversations’ Team

This crew of people were prepared to go out on faith to follow an idea of a pursuing a fresh way to create. Sometimes being a working artist, you can find yourself in a groove where your art can become stifled as you try to pay the bills. “Conversations”was an opportunity for them to meet like-minded creatives, to experiment with new ways of generating and exploring that elusive creative energy and then to share the process with an audience. It proves to be a fulfilling experience and we team up again for Conversations – To Intimacy and Beyond in September 09

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maxwell conversation my life 3

Maxwell Golden – Wordsmithery is his joy and misery. Theatric MC with street class


HKB Finn – Afro Spoken Herb Artist Extra-Ordinaire


Zena Edwards – Spoken Word Songtress with Passion

leeto conversations my life

Leeto Thale – Soul-full Spoken Word Masterchef

lucid flow

Samira “Lucid” Arhin-Acquaah – Fluid Lyricistic Word

Soweto conversations it my life

Soweto Kinch – Saxophonist virtuoso and Wordsmith-meister

ason Yarde

Jason “Yardestick” Yarde – Saxophonic complexities made easy


Jessica Lauren – Cinematic keys

speedy guitar man

Jon Speedy – guitar talking in tongues


Sam “Blue” Aguard – Smooth Touch Drummer

larry converations my life 2

Larry Bartley – Double Bass earthing us all

Thebe conversations my life

Thebe Lipere – Master Drummer calling

Cheryl Alleyne – The Beat Mama


YOUR MUM VISUALS – Kelly Budge and Matt Williams, Optic Stimulation, The VJ Queen and King

likkle flowa

Orville “Kungadred” Edwards- Film, The All Seeing Eye

Images on this page of Maxwell, Leeto, Larry and Thebe taken by NAMVULA.


©V:iD – Conversations: Verse In Dialog


What we do.
We create. We collaborate. We advise and mentor. We celebrate.

©V:iD (or seevid) is an artist-led grassroots social enterprise arts and consultation company producing arts initiatives, arts  in education projects and artists support.  providing creative services rooted in Live Writing and  the Spoken Word in collaboration and dialog with other art forms such as film, dance and visual art. As an organisation, its mission extends to artist embedded community engagement and  inter-generational creative campaigning and Arts Activism.

©V:iD provides a bridging service between institutional and alternative arts education platforms

©V:iD places equal value on process as much as on production output

©V:iD is dedicated to the arts, as tools for  exploring equality, social justice and sustainability.

©V:iD’s core strategies are promote the building of bridges between cultures, generations and communities.

©V:iD values the next generation or re-imaginators, visionaries and artists, and  offer artists mentoring,  inter-generational arts project development and ‘diversity in the arts’ project consultancy in an evolving arts climate.

How we work
By harnessing the innovative inter-generational power within communities through the arts and concept of reigniting, emboldening and regeneration community spirit

by offering pedagogical insights into learning about literature and art forms such as movement and visual media as learning tools engaging with the world at large.

by evaluating and logging current creative conversations being had in and about the arts industry, its infrastructure and culture and ‘diversity policy in practice’.

by  re-inforcing the sustainability of the results of all ‘bridge work’, i.e the valuing the models formulated form processes of combining art forms from, by and for diverse groups and communities of all backgrounds age groups and abilities.

by being a cultural producer and supporter of storytelling and the stories we live by’ to highlight, contribute to and champion local and global  movements toward equality and justice

The Mission Statement

  • to champion positive change though the arts
  • to use all artistic devices of storytelling as alternative and supplementary education
  • to raise awareness and forge new narratives through the arts
  • to create crucial and necessary space for the arts to flourish  for re-imagining an equal world
  • to create crucial and necessary space for the arts to serve community in a focused and sustainable way

CV:iD is an all inclusive organisation.


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