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Arts Awards and ©V:iD

I am  now Gold Arts Award trained so can facilitate young  and aspiring artists to bronze, silver and gold Arts Award achievement. The awards themselves are gaining momentum as a valued accreditation, so this is a great asset to the potentialities of the ©ViD.

It is my plan that ©CV:iD will be able to offer Arts Awards on a regular basis. It is an exciting time for artist-educator practioners because our expertise is not something that can be learned in a text book. We all have very distinct paths of acquiring that expertise and it deserves to be noted as vocational bonuses that we can offer it up in strategized coursed devised by us in tune with the needs of young people in school, about to leave school or in college. Even those ready for degree level.

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Conversations – Verse In Dialog: Inception

Conversations began in the basement of the Poetry Cafe in London’s Covent Garden with myself, Randolph Matthews (Vocals, Percussion), Henrik Jensen (bass), and Mauricio Velez (percussion and lautist). We were all fascinated with the way poetry and music were virtually one language if we as the artists allowed ourselves to be open to the processes of how music and poetry sonically danced together. Over the year of my poets residency at the Poetry Society we held workshops with fellow poets and musicians and developed a, not necessarily new approach to collaboration but a very dynamic and explorative one.

Since, ‘Conversations: Verse In Dialog’ has become a mission and jettisoned me in to a hungry space of exploration where being a part of, or even watching the act of dialoguing art-forms intensifies a storytelling experience, and collaborating with artists and audiences who want to come along for the ride can be all immersing and invigorating. ‘

My Life  eflyer
Conversations @The Albany, 7th Nov 09




Its been in the making for the last 5 months. The great thing about To Intimacy is the investment that everyone involved has dedicated so much to make it a blinding event.

The technical team at the Albany have been on board form the top and have a fantastic lighting, stage and sound design. So big thanks to Fiona, Ben and Dave.

Sophie Brady is the right lung of the project. As the producer of To Intimacy her input has been priceless as her belief in the project in its entirety. Sophie has embraced the projects big picture objective and of the possibilities for participants who want to explore their creativity through “Conversations”.
Today we had a tech meeting and everyone is starting to feel the excitement of the night. It’s going to be special….

The love of inspired and improvised multidisciplinary dialogue can focus purpose. There is so much to learn in the processes of spontaneous play, natural response, truisms and profound insights to artistic personalities are revealed and by pushing the vessel of the story to  be a clearer channel, the clearer the waters of the stories will run.

Creating ©V:iD cic was a result of one of these moments and I am truly grateful for the three musicians who held a common belief, whose openness and skills ignited the conversations flame.

“… there is true complicity between all the performers on the stage and the excitement of the unexpected is electric. As an audience you feel that a space has opened up for true dialogue, a real exchange of passions and ideas… What emerges is a new art form, that is not quite song, not quite poetry, not quite jazz but the point where all three meet in conversation.” – Antonia Windsor, journalist for The Guardian newspaper.


Thanks to Abi Idowu and Orville

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The Security Sessions

cropped-cropped-security_image_black_wideThe show Security asks many questions from the cities that we live in – how do we interact with the people we meet and what do the politics of the time mean in regard to the stresses and strain put  on people relationships because of economic, conflict-worn and

What we do find is that extraordinary things happen in the most pressurized situations and the Security Sessions challenge the way we see the world and each other.
The Security Sessions is an exploration of art-forms  to raise and interrogate themes and issues that concern us all and the bridges we can build between culture and generations to  encourage healthy discourse around these themes.

Participants will engage in creative writing, photography, movement and words

They are related to the 5 characters in the show. Each of them have blogs of their own and will be sharing their thoughts and ideas around the themes that are most relevant to them.

Click to go to Ayleens blog about young womens issues.

Click to go to Mahmoud’s photography blog – how do we physical see our environment? What stories can we tell in one image?

Algernon Dennis Brooks – aged 80Creative writing for senior citizens and inter-generational and documenting oral history workshops.

Elijah Paul Benoit – aged 16 exploring creative writing, storytelling and performance.

The Performer – The Storytellerexploring performance skills.

Tha Endzexploring writing themes of belonging, citizenship and environment.

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