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Arts Awards and ©V:iD

I am  now Gold Arts Award trained so can facilitate young  and aspiring artists to bronze, silver and gold Arts Award achievement. The awards themselves are gaining momentum as a valued accreditation, so this is a great asset to the potentialities of the ©ViD.

It is my plan that ©CV:iD will be able to offer Arts Awards on a regular basis. It is an exciting time for artist-educator practioners because our expertise is not something that can be learned in a text book. We all have very distinct paths of acquiring that expertise and it deserves to be noted as vocational bonuses that we can offer it up in strategized coursed devised by us in tune with the needs of young people in school, about to leave school or in college. Even those ready for degree level.

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The Science of Storytelling

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 There is always a good reason to tell a story, to sit down and listen to a story, to be the storyteller. One of the best reasons is because we can escape and venture  to other worlds with heros and protaganists we can love, hate or replace with our own secret wanna- be selves. But it can’t get any better when someone scientifically breaks it down as to why  reading and hearing stories are good for your health. This article – “The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains” – gives you the lowdown on why we should get healthy doses of stories for our brain’s development and health. This is great news for ©V:iD as it’s in the business of telling stories by any means necessary!

HKB Finn and Leeto Thale – Conversations performances

The objective of Conversation performances is to expose an audience to a high quality musical, spoken word and visual experience. How? True to any conversation, the freedom to contribute with an opinion on a theme allows the audience to be taken on a genuine journey as poets, visual artists, musicians and dancers respond to each other; with movement, lyricism, instrumental soloing and selective imaging.

Also, our shows work in a way where an organic dialogue between the artists on stage and the audience create a sense of community. Using clever poetic and musical gaming the audience becomes integrated into the performance itself. Don’t be afraid. You’ll be enjoying the vibe. You won’t even know its happening.

Importantly, many professional artists are constantly looking for places to develop and generate work they can add to their repertoire. Conversations provides them with a rehearsal space to experiment new work with others and a platform to share. Its important to stress that the artistic emphasis of Conversations is to explore creative process, enhance the collaborative relationship between the art forms and generate new and exciting work.
However, from a commercial perspective, the process in performance is the product. Sounds risky, but that’s why it works!

Albany Conversations: It’s My Life, Innit? – Sept 2009


“… there is true complicity between all the performers on
the stage and the excitement of the unexpected is electric. As an audience you feel that a space has opened up for true dialogue, a real exchange of passions and ideas… What emerges is a new artform, that is not quite song, not quite poetry, not quite jazz but the point where all three meet in conversation.”

Antonia Windsor, journalist for The Guardian newspaper

“Thought provoking, relevant, and a great way to spend a Friday evening.”

“Creative and Fun!”

“Original and exciting, great vibe.”

“Great concept, perfectly executed.”

“The vibe , the respect, the poetical and musical talent, the incredible improv, this is the most brilliant night!”

“Inspirational and then some.”

“Brilliant mixture of very talented people.”

“Nice Vibe, innovative performances and audience participation.”

“Everybody worked as a team and ended up producing some real, beautiful art.”

“The talent filled me up with the food of music and poetry of Love.”

“Liked the freestyle, the combination of music, spoken word and audience involvement.”

” It wasn’t just a poetry event, it felt more like a poetry/song performance and I liked the fluidity.”

” I love spoken word and this was a well put together production.”

“Great, creative teamwork on stage that still engaged the audience.”

“Inspiring, dynamic and expressive.”

“Refreshing, inspiring, entertaining.”

“Interesting and stimulating.”

“To put poetry and music like that was great to hear.”

” Excellent performances and good ideas.”

– Audience Responses

Past Conversations’ Team

This crew of people were prepared to go out on faith to follow an idea of a pursuing a fresh way to create. Sometimes being a working artist, you can find yourself in a groove where your art can become stifled as you try to pay the bills. “Conversations”was an opportunity for them to meet like-minded creatives, to experiment with new ways of generating and exploring that elusive creative energy and then to share the process with an audience. It proves to be a fulfilling experience and we team up again for Conversations – To Intimacy and Beyond in September 09

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maxwell conversation my life 3

Maxwell Golden – Wordsmithery is his joy and misery. Theatric MC with street class


HKB Finn – Afro Spoken Herb Artist Extra-Ordinaire


Zena Edwards – Spoken Word Songtress with Passion

leeto conversations my life

Leeto Thale – Soul-full Spoken Word Masterchef

lucid flow

Samira “Lucid” Arhin-Acquaah – Fluid Lyricistic Word

Soweto conversations it my life

Soweto Kinch – Saxophonist virtuoso and Wordsmith-meister

ason Yarde

Jason “Yardestick” Yarde – Saxophonic complexities made easy


Jessica Lauren – Cinematic keys

speedy guitar man

Jon Speedy – guitar talking in tongues


Sam “Blue” Aguard – Smooth Touch Drummer

larry converations my life 2

Larry Bartley – Double Bass earthing us all

Thebe conversations my life

Thebe Lipere – Master Drummer calling

Cheryl Alleyne – The Beat Mama


YOUR MUM VISUALS – Kelly Budge and Matt Williams, Optic Stimulation, The VJ Queen and King

likkle flowa

Orville “Kungadred” Edwards- Film, The All Seeing Eye

Images on this page of Maxwell, Leeto, Larry and Thebe taken by NAMVULA.

Security – A one Woman Showdown

Z_cam“SECURITY” is a comical and moving tale of unexpected friendship which confronts the issue of security and identity through a fusion of performance poetry, hip hop theatre, movement and song. It’s the chaotic stories of four ordinary characters, four extraordinary people with stories of resilience and evolution. They live in Tottenham but their stories could be about any inner city areas such as London, Handsworth, Liverpool.

In 2009, I was commissioned by The Battersea Arts Centre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Apples and Snakes Poetry Organisation to write a show pushing the boundaries of poetry in performance. It took nearly 2 years to write as I had to learn what it meant to come out from behind a microphone as a poet and fill a whole theatre space with the presence of characters i was also responsible for incanting.

Metamorphing between characters, using clever dialogue and challenging myself as a performer and writer, I fused poetic language to a fast-paced and intensely stirring monologue to delivery an engaging one hour five minute show.  Post shows, I’d have people telling me they forgot I was a woman when I played the male parts because they were so engrossed in the story. I had to offer tissues for tears.

The Participation work has held the most drama for me, as photography, writing and telling stories are may passion and enabling others to tell their stories is just as satisfying is creating my own.

Find out more about the Security participation.

“Security” is a concept that unites what is real and what is imagined. The entire project includes a book, a film, a workshop program, a forum, a journey.”


“As a performer and writer, Zena Edwards takes storytelling into the twenty-first century.” –  Sara Hirsh, Pure Poetry

“Edwards is a superb performer, equally at ease as an elderly Caribbean man, as a would-be teenage MC, Ayleen, or as a lonely 47-year-old Palestinian photographer, Mahmoud.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“I was kind of expecting it to be good and technically impressive.
Well, it’s much better than good – I’d say that if you are interested in spoken word, poetry, story-telling, theatre and or performance arts in general, this is pretty much essential viewing. I laughed and I did cry and moments from the show come back to me with relevance and intensity and I think they will for a long time to come.” – Francesca Beard

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