©V:iD (or seevid) fundamentally grassroots amplifying the innovative & regenerative power within communities, providing creative services & initiatives rooted in inter-generationality, the written & oral word, transformational participation, live performance and online working in collaboration with other art forms.

©V:iD is commited to re-memebering the narratives and canons of communities  that have been dismembered, fill the perception gaps of discrimination and prejudice through interdisciplinary art-making, offer opportunities to amplify and strengthen the voices of those marginalised, forgotten, and hidden.

©V:iD provides a bridging service between institutional and alternative arts education platforms and offers pedagogical insights into learning about  literature and art forms such as movement and visual media as learning tools engaging with the world at large.

©V:iD places equal value on process as much as on production output from a collaboration or partnership, evaluating and logging all creative conversations, to be on pulse and at the forefront of the evolving arts climate.

©V:iD is dedicated to the arts as tools for equality exploring social justice, local and global climate justice, sustainability the goal is to highlight storytelling that facilitates positive change.

©V:iD believes its core strategies promote the building of bridges between cultures, generations and communities. The processes of combining art forms are the priceless templates re-inforcing the sustainability of results of all bridge work.

©V:iD And Process

Part of the all creative process is documentation. ©V:iD focuses and places specific value on every step of a projects process and consequential development of new paradigms for making collaborative work for the future – logging the dialogue.

All previous and present ©V:iD productions are participatory and pedagogy centered with the delivery of a sharing or performance that has creative industries development and social change at its core.

The necessary shift from the focus from emphasis on product for consumption to artistic participation and pedagogical practice makes  the energetic spark of creativity to galvanize active re-imaging of the world.

©V:iD is Arts for Change.

The Mission Statement

©V:iD aims

  • to champion positive change though the arts
  • to use all artistic devices of storytelling as alternative and supplementary education
  • to raise awareness and forge new narratives through the arts
  • to create crucial and necessary space for the arts to flourish  for re-imagining an equal world
  • to create crucial and necessary space for the arts to serve community in a focused and sustainable way

At a basic level ©V:iD objective is
to distil the shared and diverse experiences, histories and dreams which exist within the family, the community and the neighbourhood into stories that reflect and refresh community spirit using poetry/spoken word, film, music, movement,  visuals – all that is Art.”

What does it mean to ‘distil our experiences, histories and dreams’?

  • mining, filtering and refining narratives that tell real stories where extra-ordinary things happen.
  • narratives about culture, gender, age to build bridges between them
  • creative processes refining a story to its essence that can become age old recipes for constructive change. By doing this, the story becomes more potent having a longer lasting impact on the audiences and communities that come into contact with it.

©V:iD’s Inception

Zena Edwards, founder of ©V:iD acknowledged and decided to act upon the innate vitality of the process of dialogue between art forms.
Conversations is an explicit collaboration between osmosis between Poets, Musicians and Visual artists.
The Poetic Debaters Project takes Slam Poetry to another level fusing poetry in performance and debating in to issue based gaming with raising social awareness.
 Security and Travelling Light, both one woman shows explore the illusionary boundaries between, theatre, spoken word, movement and song.

Check the project links in the home bar to find out more. Go to Zena Edwards EPK.

Dictionary definitions of CONVERSATIONS

Oxford English To Converse

ORIGIN: originally in the sense to live among,

be familiar with from Latin conversari: ‘keep company with’.

Websters To keep company; to hold intimate intercourse; to commune

American heritage To engage in a spoken exchange of thoughts, ideas and feelings, to talk

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