Next Moves: Coffee Shop or Chicken Shop?

©V:iD’s director Zena Edwards has been busy working on the upgrading of the infrastructure of the collaborative youth project Shake Youth, Arts and Media project, but it launches it community engagement with the project called Tale of Two Cities later this year. The fine line between regeneration and gentrification seem like it evaporated and there are so many stories to tell about the transition, like an jagged crossfade from one world to another.


Like many other boroughs, Hackney is going through a social and environmental change that sees them closer to the wealth of the city and Cyber-Circus, but priced out by the gentrification happening all around them.

This launch phase of an extended project will see 14 young people from ‘Inspire’ referral unit in Hackney go through a program with a local historian, photographer, Agenda and  Zena to produce Spoken Word poetry with images about Hackney in response to the changes taking place. This project gives them the chance to reflect on a fast changing landscape that although happening all around of, they maybe isolated from.

There will be  live performances, an exhibition of the images taken in familiar places areas like Haggerston and Dalston and audiences will be able to see the work performed at  free events, in situ for free for two weeks accompanying the online blog.



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