neon fury

The Fury Project is an interdisciplinary arts exploration of the emotion of anger,  and seeks to  tell stories that carve paths to justice, transformation and empowerment. Using the power of spoken word/poetry, monologue, live vocals, dance and performance; the visceral nature of multi-media arts installation and techniques  of inclusive  artists/audience interactive debate, a diverse group of artists deconstruct the ancient Greek mythological tale of “The Three Furies” and reconstruct it for 21st century notions of Womanhood.    Personal narratives are made political by the very nature of genderizing and racializing the emotion of anger.

This exploration began in South Africa and Holland as part of the Afrovibes Festival  in 2012 commissioned by UK Arts International and the British Council. It had a reincarnation as a spoken word monologue and dance performance with film in London at the Canada Water Theatre space, in association with The Albany, Deptford in 2013.
After the vocabularies of dance, text, audio and film had served as devices for exploration, the voices of the public brought tangible manifestations of thoughts and feelings around the energy of anger through an interactive and participatory art installation piece – The Fury Transformation Tree. With support from the Three Faiths Forum,  Zena Edwards, Cherrelle Skeete and Katie Pearson bind fabric with members of the public and collect their anger stories for a jukebox to reveal the multiple ways in which anger manifest and discover the vast cultural differences in attitude diverse people have toward this unifying human emotion.

The Fury Project will be launched again in 2016.


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