At it’s foundation, ‘Conversations’ is an arts project that brings together a team of creatives who believe that organic interplay between art forms is a medium for spontaneous dialogue and thought provoking storytelling.

Professional Performance Poets, Spoken Word Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, Visual Artists and Theatre Practitioners combine their skills in a series of workshops or “Lab Sessions” producing a spontaneous performance at the end of a Lab Session day. The workshops and performances are exploratively theme based. For example:

It’s My Life Innit? – Autobiographical moments that changed lives
To Intimacy and Beyond – exploring intimacy in the 21st century

Audience responses to previous Conversations performances –
“Creative and Fun!”
“Original and exciting, great vibe.”
“Great concept, perfectly executed.”

“… there is true complicity between all the performers on the stage and the excitement of the unexpected is electric. As an audience you feel that a space has opened up for true dialogue, a real exchange of passions and ideas… What emerges is a new art form, that is not quite song, not quite poetry, not quite jazz but the point where all three meet in conversation.” – Antonia Windsor, journalist for The Guardian newspaper.

Conversations Promo Film

The History

Conversations was first developed with spoken word artists Zena Edwards in 2002 when she was Poet in residence at the Poetry Cafe. She revived the project again in close collaboration with Award winning Saxophonist, Soweto Kinch in 2008 as pilot and after a successful show at The Albany in Deptford in November 2008, Conversations received a Lit Up award from the National Live Lit Consortium. Since, the project has been developed to include film, visuals, movement and creative input from lighting designers and sound technicians.
Although the focus of Conversations is largely based in the creative process, these other artistic skills can provide a fuller product in the form of a highly interactive stage performance and a unique live performance recorded product.

Read Zena Edwards Blog – Conversations: Inception


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