The Fury Project

The Fury Project

neon furyThis is a project that has been in development of nearly 2 years now and has made a successful application for a commission with 3 Faiths Forum and King’s Cultural Institute in June of this year. The collaboration extends into working along side Dr Althea Legal-Miller who PhD focused on sexualized Violence, the Black Freedom Movement, and the Leesburg Stockade Imprisonment of 1963. The main artists on board are Zena Edwards, Katie Pearson and Cherrelle Skeete, supported by Rasheeda Nalumoso of Live Traces.

The commission is funding an art installation in the form of a jukebox, kindly donated by sound artist, Isa Suarez, to be encased in a structure called The Transformation Tree and will be exhibited at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch from the 1st – 14th October.
It is a project that has been exploring anger as a concept, but especially that of Women and Young Girls. There will be Anger workshops in collaboration with the dynamic poet Errol McGlashan to explore peoples perception and relationship with anger, an often misconstrued emotion.
Take a look a the the The Fury Project Website to see how the project has developed and listen to examples of the anger stories shared on its Tumblr blog. Each contribution has helped the project evolve. You maybe surprised what you will hear. Its truly a interactive peoples initiative.


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