Arts Awards and ©V:iD

I am  now Gold Arts Award trained so can facilitate young  and aspiring artists to bronze, silver and gold Arts Award achievement. The awards themselves are gaining momentum as a valued accreditation, so this is a great asset to the potentialities of the ©ViD.

It is my plan that ©CV:iD will be able to offer Arts Awards on a regular basis. It is an exciting time for artist-educator practioners because our expertise is not something that can be learned in a text book. We all have very distinct paths of acquiring that expertise and it deserves to be noted as vocational bonuses that we can offer it up in strategized coursed devised by us in tune with the needs of young people in school, about to leave school or in college. Even those ready for degree level.

Click to take a look at what the Arts Award has to offer.

~ Zena


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