The Security Sessions

cropped-cropped-security_image_black_wideThe show Security asks many questions from the cities that we live in – how do we interact with the people we meet and what do the politics of the time mean in regard to the stresses and strain put  on people relationships because of economic, conflict-worn and

What we do find is that extraordinary things happen in the most pressurized situations and the Security Sessions challenge the way we see the world and each other.
The Security Sessions is an exploration of art-forms  to raise and interrogate themes and issues that concern us all and the bridges we can build between culture and generations to  encourage healthy discourse around these themes.

Participants will engage in creative writing, photography, movement and words

They are related to the 5 characters in the show. Each of them have blogs of their own and will be sharing their thoughts and ideas around the themes that are most relevant to them.

Click to go to Ayleens blog about young womens issues.

Click to go to Mahmoud’s photography blog – how do we physical see our environment? What stories can we tell in one image?

Algernon Dennis Brooks – aged 80Creative writing for senior citizens and inter-generational and documenting oral history workshops.

Elijah Paul Benoit – aged 16 exploring creative writing, storytelling and performance.

The Performer – The Storytellerexploring performance skills.

Tha Endzexploring writing themes of belonging, citizenship and environment.


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