Firstly, these workshop are a world of fun. These days it can seem like making art is a luxury. So for the artists involved, Conversations is an opportunity to connect with their creative energy without the pressure of a deadline of a finished piece of work. It’s a chance  to explore being a creative “be-ing”.
Also, artistic connections made go beyond the sessions. Already there are 4 artists who are in recording now because of  Conversations Lab sessions.

The program

We have developed a programming system where all facilitators/collaborators combine their skills  to create a flexible curriculum. This means that workshops will be bespoke – devised based on the needs and budget of the venue and area in which the project will be operating.


  • artists contribute to a skills and knowledge share of their artform
  • artists bring a sketch of an idea in response to the overall  theme
  • by responding to the needs of the emerging artists involved
  • by collaborating with existing creative groups within a venue

Working with the local community

Conversations project thrives on working with local venues and community groups to recruit emerging and young talent.

The workshops will

  • allow participants to explore creative processes
  • provide them with new creative skills
  • boost participants confidence as they generate new work to be performed in a professional setting.

The objective is to provide them with the opportunity to collaborate with professionals, to feel supported as they produce a performance of high quality and to their own uniqueness.

But most importantly, this new and imaginative work is cutting edge and dynamic reflecting life in every area that the Conversations project tours to.

Conversations is committed to:

  • the passing on of creative skills
  • immortalising a new era of creative work
  • formalising new ways of collaborating
  • documenting contemporary stories of societal change in the UK
  • developing work by fusing diverse spoken word / music / film / visuals / movement / theatre
  • producing work that is also commercially viable through the product of live recordings for online film and audio downloads, DVD and CD.