©V:iD (or seevid)  is an open creative service inspired by Poetry’s, power to dialogue with other art forms and, educational and creative mediums to empower and embolden the work artists who work in grassroots, academic and community entrepreneurial spaces. Whether you are a just starting to explore the poetry and the arts or if you have been in the business for while, CV:iD has projects, consultancy services, and programs that centre arts as a thinking, focusing and paradigm shifting space for positive social, professional and personal change.

“What do you want from your craft?
How do you imagine it changing or sustaining you?
Want to learn the powerful ways art and creativity can serve your community and wider audiences? Believe it or not, verse, yes poetry, can do help you with that.
We can map that path together.”

– Founder, Creative and Educational Director, Live Lit Poet, Zena Edwards